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Annfield Sessions- Kirstin Wyllie

'I Remember'

Kirstin Wyllie is a Scottish singer song writer hailing from Stonehaven, but now located in Fife. She currently runs the 'C Yourself B Yourself' project promoting music therapy as an alternative treatment for eating disorders. A side from her music therapy, she has also performed across Scotland.


Sadly, these first videos were recorded before we had a charity on board!


Find Kirstin's website here! 

Kirstin Wyllie (accompanied by Gavin 'Jeebo' Brady) performing I Remember


Original words and music by Damien Rice



'Rambling Man'

Kirstin Wyllie (accompanied by Gavin 'Jeebo' Brady) performing Rambling Man


Original words and music by Laura Marling




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